Monday, January 23, 2012

Get These Files Before They Disappear!

You know what happened to Megaupload.

Be smart - don't trust anything you can't bear to lose to the "cloud".

Let's take our country back.

Before they close down all of the file sharing sites on the web here are some books I've written and/or published that might very well disappear one day soon:

Murdering Liberty Killing Hope
The Office Of Naval Intelligence, The Eldorado Task Force, The Securities and Exchange Commission, Cantor-Fitzgerald, The Federal Reserve, The US Treasury, The Bank Of New York, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Nugan Hand Bank, The Bush Crime Family and the Global Bankers. A study in criminal global finance and the events of 911.

911 Gold
Vast Global Financial Fraud and gold market manipulation by the White House and the US Treasury.

The Golden Lily: 1945-1975 and 911

After 911:
Connecting the SubPrime Crisis directly to the same people.

There Were Bombs In The Building

The Suitcase Bomb:
An interesting Aside, likely connected to the same people

Fascism In America:
A Report Confirming The US Media Is Controlled By An Organized Crime Syndicate involved in murder and financial fraud started by the Bush family.

Nuclear 911:
The mechanics of the 911 nuclear attack on the USA

Chem Pharma

FEMA Cocaine


Runaway Slave Handbook

CIA Timeline and HUD

NORAD 911 and the USS Cole

DUST - Proof of Fission -
A Physics and Chemistry analysis of the USGS Scanning Electron Microscopy of 35 sample locations from lower Manhattan.

OWS Poster Gallery

Occupy Wall Street • Number 1

Occupy Wall Street • Number 2 • Credit Unions

Occupy Wall Street • Number 3 • End The Fed

Occupy Wall Street • Book 4 • MLK and CAFRs

Occupy Wall Street • Book 5 • Beware False Prophets

No Thermite?

Otpor and Obama 1

Otpor and Obama 2


I Can't Occupy Wall Street

Dust: Long Version
An examination of 12 sample locations of dust from the WTC. The samples, provided by the USGS are analyzed using chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Short version

Ionizing Radiation

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: