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Hidden ORIGINAL 13th Amendment , 1812, Real Evidence - William Wagener

Uploaded on Jan 22, 2012 William Wagener

Proof by Certification by State Archives of N.H. that in 1812, at least 6 states had ratified the ANTI-LAWYER Amendment. Basically preventing anyone who had a BAR membership, accepted a title of Nobility form foreign King, Prince, Power from even being a US Citizen, much less holding any OFFICE . This has been hidden since Pres. Abe Lincoln erroneously named the ANTI-Slavery amendment the "13th", when actually that one from the Civil War was the 14th ratified amendment.

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  • Danielspamjam
    I'm sorry, but this never got ratified. Otherwise, this is a seemingly tight argument, and it is interesting history. That being said, it was not ratified by 75% of the state legislatures at the time, and therefore isn't the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Very interesting law, though, potentially.
  • William Wagener
    Actually, investigators, just this year discovered evidence that it WAS ratified, before 1818 and a great deal of effort was extended to make that disappear from the records. THAT is the point of this video. But with session becoming a more common subject of discussion, it may be irrelavant.
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  • BornInTzyon
    hold on...any American citizen who becomes a lawyer is no longer a citizen according to the amendment? Lawyers must pass the bar to become a lawyer and none of them hold any allegiance to another nation. If it's in writing it's nothing more than a formality. Our rights are gutted blatantly and daily but I'm not sure how it has anything to do with the bar association. Laws are not enforced in this country and corruption reigns supreme without this.
  • William Wagener
    BAR = British Accredation Registry.  that is allegiance to a "foreign" power, because if you even "claim" a honor you violate
    the original 13th. How often have you seen Lawyer steal, and worse and get away with
    Crimes that other people go to prison or. They have become a class above others, and THAT is against the intent of the Constitution.
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  • naturalperson24
  • William Wagener 1 year ago Thank you for a thoughtful comment. I hope enough 24% do come to terms and learn to "handle" it with appropriate actionst to free the rest and themselves from being slaves to lawyers and Fiat money creation bankers. - in reply to naturalperson24        
    You get the point, I trust. This has been all part of a larger scheme. Will We The People decode what has been hidden and take back our country?